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STARS helps...
"Bring The Missing Home"


Search Team and Recovery Specialists (STARS) is a unique, first of its kind search team.

Our Mission

We are law enforcement personnel and experts who specialize in the search, rescue and recovery of lost and missing persons.  STARS was developed because we understand the enormous demands forced upon law enforcement agencies to search and locate missing persons with limited resources as well as the sensitivity needed to assist in these type cases.

Our fields of expertise include the following areas:

  • managing lost person events
  • criminal and missing person investigations
  • forensic anthropology
  • crime scene photography
  • computer forensic analysis
  • K9 and ground search
  • rescue and recovery teams
  • aerial and waterborne operations

As law enforcement professionals we understand the distinctive challenges a missing person event can pose to officials, families and the community.

And because of these challenges we have created STARS as a non-profit, community based organization for the purpose of searching for lost and missing persons.

There is no charge to utilize our services as we volunteer our time, resources, and expertise whenever the need arises.

STARS provides:

  • Experts in their field of specialty who can assist in you in searching for and locating missing persons.   
  • Highly trained and professional K9 teams, ground search personnel, and aerial and watercraft resources. 
  • Education and awareness programs about search and rescue operations, wilderness safety, and the use of search dogs.